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TRC Acquires Vali Cooper & Associates

TRC acquired Vali Cooper & Associates on June 26, growing the Massachusetts-based company’s California presence to nearly 600 employees who provide engineering and management services in the infrastructure, oil and gas, environmental and power markets. Find out more about this strategic partnership.

Several VC&A projects recently received awards from the California Transportation Foundation
  • 2017 Project of the Year – BART Warm Springs Extension (WSX). The $700 million project extended BART 5.4 miles south from the existing Fremont Station to the new Warm Springs/South Fremont Station. The project included construction of new trackway, a new at-grade transit station, bridges and other structures, and systems and controls. VC&A provided office engineering and inspection services through The Allen Group | VC&A Joint Venture on-call contract.

  • 2017 Conventional State Highway Project of the Year – Highway 1 Piedras Blancas Realignment. The $19.7 million Caltrans District 5 project realigned a 2.8-mile-long section of Highway 1 to protect the roadway from rising sea level and erosion along the coast in San Luis Obispo. The project involved moving the existing portion of Highway 1 475 feet inland and constructing two 12-foot lanes with 8-foot shoulders and a left turn lane at the former Piedras Blancas Motel, which is currently part of the Heart-San Simeon State Park.
  • 2017 Other/Unique Program of the Year – I-10 Pepper Interchange. The $8 million improvements along the busiest corridor in San Bernardino County included construction of a five-lane bridge over I-10, on/off ramp improvements, bridge aesthetics consistent with the community, access to/from the Arrowhead Regional Medical Center, and drainage enhancements. Unique to the project was a Federal Pilot Program that offered incentives for hiring local and military veteran labor.
Los Gatos Bridge Award

CMAA NorCal Chapter Transportation Project of the Year Award – Los Gatos Creek Bridge Replacement.

The project involved the removal, demolition, and replacement of the seismically deficient steel and timber two-track railroad bridge spanning the environmentally sensitive Los Gatos Creek with three separate concrete pre-cast bridges. The project won in the >$20 million category. Congratulations to the Peninsula Corridor Joint Powers Board/Caltrain and the VC&A project team!

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