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Howard agreed to help Moe clean the kitchen.

I don't like shellfish.

Darin and I are going to talk about what happened.


Thirteen people have died.

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I'm not making excuses.

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I apologize for the delay in replying.

Meeks was fatally injured.

Lee is much shorter than I am.


I would never hurt him.

Call and tell Janet we're running late.

It would be better to talk of something else.

Andrea cleaned the room.

We are working for the overall development of the state.

Is that all you want to eat?

Nothing is like it used to be.


Jochen is very good with his hands.

Arnold says he sees things that I can't see.

I'm not used to this kind of heat.


I can't keep this.

Yesterday morning, I wrote her a letter.

The station is 2 kilometers from my house.

They studied very hard so as not to fail in the exam.

We all jumped at the crashing noise.

What did you really think of the way Bjorne sang?

She takes pride in her sons' success.


The movie's ending was quite the scene!

Please help her.

I saw him kissing another girl.


It's blank.


Don't fret.


It'll stop raining soon.

They drink coke.

Did you see the cowboy film on TV last night?

When should I finish my homework, Mr Jewel?

Give me a precise answer.

He prides himself on having an expensive car.

That man died of pellagra.

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She is a lady, and ought to be treated as such.

"Would you pass me the salt, please?" "Here you are."

I've got a little more work.


It's a pity that you don't know that.


Real is going to boarding school next year.

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He's a wonderful guy.

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Did you get the job?

Should we wait for them here?

Important as sugar is as article of food, we cannot live on it.


Everything is okay, don't worry!

What a pair they make!

Submitted by Patricio.


A wife of noble character who can find? She is worth far more than rubies.

Kirk forgot to turn off the light.

Todd lost most of his belongings in the fire.

Do you like lasagna?

Masaru can't finish the work in an hour, can he?

Please put the potato chips in the bowl. Don't eat them directly from the bag.

That's a very good suggestion.

I just wanted to make sure you knew what to do.

How much do the transmission rights come to?

Peggy is loading the car.

Print it all in small letters.


This could be serious.

He knows how to cross a river.

I immediately accepted his offer.

I have forgiven him already.

He said to me, "Study hard, and you will pass the test."


An admiring fan once asked Christopher Columbus how he managed to procure funding for all of his amazing journeys. Columbus then took the fan to an abandoned alley, took out a pistol, and said "That's how".


Where are you today?

What's your favorite way to exercise your dog?

I am not satisfied with this!

Who knows what could happen?

I must admit that, despite loving our friendship, I think I'm also starting to love you.

What's the weather like outside?

I'll probably be fishing.

The women are working.

They offered their sincere apologies.

We are happy to see you.

This place is in shambles.


Don't mention rope in the home of a hanged man.


Jenine can't put up with Jorge's behavior anymore.

One-third of an apple is always given to our youngest daughter.

What else didn't you tell us?

He is Swiss born.

Tell us about them.

What's your favorite sitcom?

I'll leave him alone.

I think I'm in danger.

I'd like to interview them.

I could tell that Kenton was in a lot of pain.

Where is Julia? She is in her room.


I've had a good sleep.

You're not expecting me to do that, are you?

What are you doing back so early?


We broke up the morning after.

He had his tooth pulled.

I will return to the house before dark.


I always have an uncomfortable feeling.

You have to go whether you like it or not.

We have nothing to lose.

My car wasn't good enough.

Dan and Linda had been married for twenty years.

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Sometimes, if I look at a forest of trees, I get in a trance and don't even realize until minutes later.


I'm staying at Sam's house.

On board his flying saucer, he's flying over houses...

Matthieu wants to know when Benjamin will go shopping.

He made me a cake.

But I am convinced that in order to move forward, we must say openly the things we hold in our hearts, and that too often are said only behind closed doors.

Does your wife have a passport?

I can't bring myself to eat anything.

What is the file extension?

I can hardly believe this.

Where is the receipt that I need?

Don't just eat fish. Eat some meat, too.


The atheist prayed to a God he didn't believe in.

Kyung doesn't need to worry about that.

I tried to give him some advice, but he just abused me violently.


I'm going to write Gunnar a letter.


I like horses.

Tammy didn't have to thank me.

What was the cause of death?


You've got to listen to me.

Have you made up your mind yet?

Why shouldn't that be included?

Francisco had barely enough money to pay his bills last month.

Everett never asked me to dance.

Let's let bygones be bygones.

She's pretty cute.

We'll do our best to win.

The sun having set we stayed there for the night.

I wanted to make a good first impression.

Should I come?

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I spent more than three-quarters of my summer vacations traveling.


Even if she got to be 50 years old, she would still be breathtakingly beautiful.

Spike doesn't want to appear weak.

I had a really lovely time in Boston.

We are anxious for world peace.

I had a drink with lunch.


In spring, we like to give the house a thorough cleaning.

I like this picture, not just because it is famous, but because it really is a masterpiece.

You're obscene.

I'd like a room in the back.

Children go to school to learn things.

Kyle and Pieter were the last two to leave.

He thought about everything.


How do you think Hitoshi will do?

I want to put a private investigator on Laurianne.

I cannot help wondering at his progress.


She has a way of keeping old letters.


What with the wind and the rain, our walk was spoiled.

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Perhaps you'd like to sleep on it.


The new rule holds good in this case.


If two people have the same opinion, one of them is redundant.

Ladies and gentlemen, thank you very much indeed.

Her blood flowed over her chest.

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I'll meet you back here in three hours.


I didn't know you were interested in antiques.

I can see the light.

Thomas is dead, isn't he?