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Nothing can stop us now.

Everybody knows Wes did it.

How do I get to a restaurant?

Trying is short for Thomas.

Let's go to the movies.

Dan questioned Linda about the whereabouts of his ex-boyfriend, Matt.

He had an out-of-body experience.

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I need you to go, it can't wait.


Merton didn't tell me that you were so beautiful.

There are no more bullets.

That's a really nice story.

I have nothing to do with this accident.

The jail is overcrowded.

Have the prisoners been released?

The car ran at 40 miles an hour.


That was all Judith knew about Vassos.

Are there still some empty seats?

Angela certainly didn't intend to tell Kusum the truth.

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The climate here is very mild, so it seldom snows here even in the winter.

It's for him.

She was clothed in wool.

I think Tanya looks like John.

What country is Boston in?

Charlene can't play the ocarina, but Charlene can.

Shall we go with cornflakes or something light from tomorrow?

Amedeo was called away.

I removed one.


Kelly cleared his throat and continued to speak.

I would accept be it small, be it big.

Carsten couldn't tell what the problem was.

You're babbling.

Susumu takes his dog for a walk every morning.

It's not just Kenneth's problem.

Give me food for thought, and I will find food for my stomach!

I suggest you tell me the truth.

This summer, I'm going to France.

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I suppose we are to get there soon.

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We're just tired.


It's worth checking out.


It looks like the train going to the airport is down, what shall we do?


Keep the door locked.

Please let me know if you find any typos or missing words.

Fun isn't always funny.

How many people contribute to Tatoeba?

I have never done that.

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That's how I was raised.

The crew prepared for the voyage across the Pacific Ocean.

A long piece of thread easily becomes tangled up.

Perry won't know I'm here.

I got to go to Boston last week.


I've been waiting for this for months.


I can see the tiniest spot.

I'll give you everything you want.

Would you like me to cook something for you?

I thought about the meaning of his painting.

It's a bit cold today.

Starting now he'll be there for you.

Gold isn't cheap.

European Portuguese sounds like a mix of Spanish, Russian, and French.

My father is tall.

Did Jan tell you that he'd be late?

She is a local government officer.

Shutoku knew he was going to win.

You promised you'd stay.

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Alvin didn't know Sehyo could sing so well.

Stewart is a business consultant.

The whole town knows about it.


Would you lend me your dictionary?

We tend to forget this fact.

Please pass me the sugar.


Clearly, Lojban is easier than Postscript.


Which of these rackets is yours?

I got blisters from the burn.

We went to the beach to swim.


His ambition knows no bounds.

She gladly accepted his proposal.

I wish I could help you, but I can't stay any longer.


I quickly saw through his game.

She looks like her mother.

It would be worth trying.

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She stirred the instant coffee and poured in milk.

Keith told me where you were.

I shouldn't have told her.

Let me know it as soon as you get there.

My parents had me go there.

Violators will be fined.

I went to your website.

I will do whatever you wish.

I have to get my computer repaired.

I should not have bought such a thing.

Few men know how to be old.

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We were just unlucky.

I never turn my back on a friend in need.

Don't let your house smell like tuna.

It was poison gas.

Are you sure you don't want to stay for a couple of days?

It's quite likely that FIFA is rotten to the core.

You said that you hated her.

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Be home before dark.


A camel can store a large amount of fat in the hump on its back.

Her one wish was to see her son again.

Barely had they entered the stadium, when the match began.

This Chinese book is not too difficult for us.

Mitsuna is very tidy so she often cleans up without being asked.

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Rafael removed a card from his wallet.

Either of my parents must go to the meeting.

My parents caught me smoking.

One parsec is the distance at which one astronomical unit subtends an angle of one arcsecond.

The painter produces many fine works of art.

Jamie drowned in his neighbor's pool.

Please tell me how to spell your name.

I bought a pair of leather gloves.

There is a possibility that we won't have to shut down the factory.


Success often depends on one's temperament.

On December 27th of the 12th year of the Taisho era, the crown prince was shot at by Nanba Daisuke.

Three bodies were found in the cave.

The court's decision could be announced today.

No one understands you.


I've known about this for years.

He strayed from his group.

Toby is hiding inside her blanket fort.

You should always be careful in your speech.

A girl appeared before me.

Jane Goodall discovered that chimpanzees could use tools.

I had a fantastic time with your children.

I almost understood the entire thing!

I know you're not like that!


What was he doing exactly?

The blind nurse devoted herself to caring for the elderly.

I smile every time I see her.


I don't think it would take more than 15 minutes to clean your room.


The public deserves to know.

Everyone felt sorry for me.

For me, that is not a problem.

Those who forget everything are happy.

We have ways of making women speak; we have none for shutting them up.


My jeans shrank in the wash.


Now I know what's in store for me and can act accordingly.

Only time will give the answer.

I'm thinking of going into politics.

Let's start the meeting now.

Everybody has to adjust.

Presley hasn't slept in three days.

Mario doesn't like that idea.

They are all good teachers.

Can't you tell me how to do this?

If it should rain, he will not come.

When was the last time you watered the trees?


Don't worry. I won't tell them.

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You're lucky you're a girl.

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"Who is there?" - "A friend!"

An alpaca looks like a horse and a camel.

Someone is up.

Marian is interfering.

Gordon and Lindsay need each other.

Bernie ate the bread.

They wouldn't allow me to say anything at the meeting.


Matthias is in Boston on business now.

He wants to squish the bug.

Could you show me your license and registration, please?

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It's a mere drop in the ocean.

The robber tried to plunge the knife into the boy.

It's amazing, just like that.