It took us a long time to decide what to do.

Hillary doesn't ever get to school on time.

Do you like tennis?

The Brown twins, both of whom got recently married, held a party.

We must learn to accept the people around us.

He went out of his way to assist me.

When was the last time you went to an art gallery?

There were people with injuries.

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You don't have to help if you don't want to.

I can be very persuasive.

I can't hold it anymore.

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It seems that there was no way out of difficulty.

If I should be suddenly spoken to in English, I might run away.

I think he was involved in that affair.

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This is the truth, I assure you!

Memories of childhood still lie near her heart.

Could you please talk a bit louder? I can't hear very well.

Your propaganda is so amateur.

Is everything okay at the office?

Who should I meet but Elias?

Tatoeba: Where quotes go to die.


Maybe we can stop at Antony's.

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I was hoping to raise my kids in Boston.

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I've wanted to meet him for a long time.


Tell them to hurry.

I met Marvin when I was in Boston.

Music is love.

Let me know how it goes.

Jim goes to school by bus.

All of my brothers have jobs.

There are 5 members of my household


What has become of him?

Naivete is his only merit.

I don't think she could spare the time because she is always busy with her work.

Why didn't Roger come?

It's a tough pill to swallow.


Rivulets of rainwater ran down the roof.

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We've been friends ever since.

Tell them what I told you.

Don't be afraid to go in your library and read every book.

When are you getting out of here?

You call that dancing?!

Mr Smith is within shouting distance.

Harmon's parents told him that playing with fire was dangerous.

Lois says he hasn't been sleeping well.

Can you spy the cat among the pigeons?

You're agitated.

They are unworthy of the praise given them.

Marguerite became angry again.

Sandeep took a step towards Alf.


Unlike Aristotle, Plato deemed women fit for the highest of positions in his republic.

The law is equal for all.

I didn't need Hui.

I like having lots of things to do.

Next year I'm going to America.

Bruno didn't listen to what I said.

Do it your own way.


These words are derived from the same root.

I tried my best to get through to Juergen.

That isn't possible.

In Aesop's Fables is a story called "Sour Grapes".

Should I put this bag in the overhead compartment?


I actually haven't finished my homework yet.

Try to make an appointment as soon as possible.

Would you mind if I came along?

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Be careful now.

None of my classmates live near here.

Both Carol and Charleen live in Boston.

Lievaart doesn't like Tandy.

When he was just about to leave, an earthquake started.

Two crows are flying in the sky.

Can I keep you company?

We dissected a frog to examine its internal organs.

Naoto was the victim of a 419 fraud.

I'll get her ready.

We picked a hitchhiker up on the way to Boston.


I'm just working.

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Vicki might know how to speak French.

Because of the thick fog, the street was hard to see.

I know the situation is very difficult for us.

She is away in Kyushu.

I gave her just what she needed.


Stop playing with your hair.

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My eyes hurt!

Thomas blew all his money on a motorcycle.

The bug has been fixed.

Choose a dress you like.

Last weekend I went for a picnic in the mountains.

I can't tell you that.

Remember what happened last year.

He's in the zone.

A dog was running after a cat.

He lived in a town near by.

We fought hard.

Ned and Allan voted for John.

I'm sorry but I can't lend you my car next weekend.

It seems that there was a misunderstanding.

Unfortunately, the police had to wait until there was another victim to try to find more about the serial killer.

I think it's unfair that you can't receive a good education if you're poor.

The Japanese language plays an important role in promoting peace in the world.

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Africa was once called the Dark Continent.

Ginny is angry because Malus borrowed his laptop without asking.

We had no electricity when I was growing up.

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We all breathed a sigh of relief.

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This is the supermarket where we usually do most of our shopping.

Who should I address the letter to?

I know you're happy.

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That medicine worked.

They told me the same thing that you did.

The glass is full of milk.

These charred bits are tasty.

They're insincere.

It did the trick.

We only have enough food to feed three people.

The good news is that we can get in free.

John moved forward to the gate.

Do you often drive a car to work?

We don't even know what these are.


Quite a few people were invited to the ceremony.

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Twenty people died in a fire.

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Now we have the "Gold-going Week" holiday for seven days.

I live next to them.

Don't try to deceive me.

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She would like to make an appointment to see the doctor.


He likes math, but I don't.

We'll remain here for the night.

You are very welcome.


Tell Siping I won't be needing his help.

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Do you want to go out for a drink with me?


Are you sure you can handle it by yourself?

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Get on your bike.

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Isn't it a lovely day!

A democracy is a form of government in which the people often vote for someone different but seldom if ever get something different.

I'm not prepared to do this.


My grandmother gave me these pendants.

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The question was answered.

I wish Randy would visit more often.

Elwood is taking over for me.

I never wash the dishes unless I'm told to.

I love French coffee.

The sun sets earlier in winter.

I might vote for Ariel.

How did Randolph look?

A small town lies between the big cities.


The game was drawing to an end.

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It's a very good newspaper, isn't it?

Stacy is a bit slow in the head.

Take off your wet clothes.

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If we don't catch the train we shall be in a hole.

He did it simply out of curiosity.

Cool down and think it over again.

Please convey my apologies to Chuck.

Who's your favorite singer?


The answer to your question is no.

I bet you didn't drink it.

Fletcher is quite a bit older than Larry.

Gregge may feel dizzy if she does not sit in the front seat.

This island has an ideal climate.

Did they do something to him?

Can you get somebody to help you?

I found it difficult to use the machine.

Benjamin is opening that old truck.