Don't cry over spilled milk.

I'm glad Nora won.

Suwandi is going to be sorry.

The beach was closed due to shark sightings.

What a headache!

He doesn't drink enough breast milk.

This is from Blair.

This tastes good.

You can read French, can't you?

People like Steen lie all the time.

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Please stop singing that song.

This box is not as big as that one.

Beyond what age is it unhealthy for a child to have imaginary friends?

I owe it you that I am still alive.

Yes, I understand. Thank you.

Once your reputation's gone, you can boldly carry on.

We could use a tow.

Turkeer has been worried sick.

It has it moments.

She must be tired after a long walk.

We're not going to find her.

I have a business partner.

Charlie was a mere child when I saw him last.

The time will come when you will be sorry for it.

If you can't exchange this, I'd like a refund.

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The schedule dictates that this work be done by the weekend.


There is trouble brewing.

Africa is a very large continent.

It was slush on the road where the car, that had summer tires, ran out.


This medicine should help you get well.

Let's write a book.

Our school library is small, but new.

She arrived in a car.

Daren has been to Boston twice.

We need to wait here.

You have plenty of time.

Mohammad will get these.

The sentence rings a bell with me. Where have I read it before?


Can you fetch this dictionary for me?

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Algeria is a country in North Africa.


Dawn has three soccer trophies.

What'll happen to you now?

Let's travel together.

I have seen an interesting memorial.

Amy was worried, too.

They don't take prisoners.

Yesterday it was neither too warm nor too cold. It was an ideal day for taking a walk.

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They were really close.

The heat is intense.

Now it's getting better!


Are you going to Nhan's party?

Does anybody own this sentence?

Do you know Mr Bingley?

Can I do something to help?

He is such a careless boy that he often makes mistakes.

We did not move for fear we should wake him up.

The noble knight held his breath as he gazed at the beautiful princess.

His story is much more interesting than hers.

Four armed men held up the bank and escaped with $4 million.

I don't like studying.

I made use of every opportunity to improve my English.

Let that be a warning.

Don't talk to him that way.

He is much inferior to me in English.

Naren is going to buy a house on Park Street.

Everyone was numb.

Is it hot over there?


My mother is not a secretary.


The baby tore up a ten-dollar bill.

You know I respect you.

We needed you.

What do you want to buy for him?

Which newspaper do you read?

The teachers' room and the gym are being renovated.

I thought about what you said.

Will shows us the city.

We have to prepare for everything.

I didn't flunk.

He was born in Mexico.

We use it every day.

His office is near the train station.


Can you tell what deck we're on?

He sat at the head of the table.

It speaks for itself.


He put his arm around her waist.

I have grown dependent on my daily dose of caffeine.

I've been to Hong Kong once.

I really wish I didn't have to go to that meeting this afternoon.

The tires of this car don't have enough air in them.

When is the first day of spring?

I never do anything embarrassing.

I'm going to give it one more try.

Achilles was an ancient Greek hero.


I did that all by myself.

I'm tired of talking to you about this.

I'm ashamed to say that it's true.


Rakhal is protecting himself.

I bought this for my boyfriend.

Trust him. He's an expert on the subject.

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A trip to the Moon is no longer a dream.


I dare not probe too deeply, lest I uncover the awful truth!


A key is lying on the writing-table.

Graham will be at home this afternoon.

I will not live in Kobe next year.

I don't like that lawyer you hired for me.

I feel helpless.


He resigned as secretary of state.

She found herself much alone.

He didn't speak nicely, but clearly.

Everybody but Calvin knows why his wife left him.

Although he was writing carefully, he had many mistakes in his writing task.


The baby held out his tiny hand.

I'll go and get you a cup of coffee.

She has a collection of stuffed animals.

Everett isn't as fat as he used to be.

The point of play is that it has no point.

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Cliff is not like the others.


Keith always gives the same old excuse for being late for school.

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I couldn't prevent Jean-Pierre from eating all the cookies.


I need to tell them.

I am about to suffer.

This room doesn't get much sunshine.


We're not gonna make it, are we?

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His efforts bore fruit.

She jerked the door open.

The leopard was growing bored of its spots.

In that period, scholars in favor of this school of thought predominated.

She had a rough childhood.

Ray can't possibly do that by himself.

May I have something to drink?

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If you paid attention, you'd be worried too.


My arms are tired.

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All of us, except him, went.

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His house is just across from the post office.


Someone wants to play games.

A sperm whale is the biggest toothed whale.

He ran to his mother in the library.


We're friends, nothing more.

I've done everything possible to discourage people from doing that.

He earns over 500 dollars a month with that job.

She boasts of her car.

I had nothing to say to him.

Can I have my gun back?

Shatter thought that was a good idea.


Is something wrong with me?

I got a little sunburned.

Anabolic steroids are banned by the International Olympic Committee.

Ilya and Clem are a couple.

What's the weight of your suitcase?

I love your car.

"Will you be at my party tomorrow night?" "I'll try to be there."

Stan has always carried a torch for Liz.

In fact, he even loved her.

I need a medic.

"Will you have another cup of coffee?" "No, thank you."

Tell me if it's necessary.

My father has never been outside the country until now.

Barney is itching for a fight.

Say it in Greek!

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I'm doing some history research and would like to ask you a few questions.


Vistlik will know what to do.

Sylvan listened to music in his room until late at night.

He is eager to go there.

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He flew from London to Paris.