The bullet penetrated the wall.

Have you fitted your winter tyres?

All right, Sedat, try it now.

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A young girl on crutches asked Vishal where he lived.

Oh, OK. Well, can you get me one?

Fatalities are extremely rare.

I paid her bill today.

He never failed to keep his promise.

My grandpa is out of step with the younger generation.

When I came he was still lying in bed.


Students should not work if they are going to school.

Russ cleared away the mossy, rotten wood.

Make sure you tell him.


He is answering the telephone.

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Jurevis coaches varsity baseball.

I like your truck.

How many apples, then?

That's all you're interested in, isn't it?

We need to address the overcrowding among the refugees immediately otherwise more will die as summer approaches.

You can understand French, can't you?

The sound of an awful scream made him shudder.

Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.

If there are no taxis, we'll have to walk.

I had a late lunch.

Rik understood Marcos's skepticism.


Don't depend on it.

The scientist found that rats treated with the chemical lost on average 30% of their weight.

The black telephone costs more than the white.


Why is dad in the kitchen?

Pim spends a lot of time helping Denis do her homework.

He quickly read through the abstracts to find the paper he was looking for.

Did you get anything from them?

Triantaphyllos was a dental assistant.

You don't need to attend every argument you are invited to.

Just get up out of your chair and walk away.

No one speaks this language anymore.

He is prone to getting excited.


I just needed a minute.

A prayer without faith is useless.

She's an African American.

What do you think happened to Sanity?

We need another person to play cards.

He had a strong stance on the subject.

Ellen wants to meet Piete.

She's making fun of you.

I have numerous books on my bookshelf.

He remained steadfast to his principles.

I wanted to speak with you first.

Have you ever seen a panda?

I like working for this company.

Is breakfast included in the price?

What grade do you teach?

I looked for Brad and Carlo for more than an hour.

Emma and Deb were both born in Boston.


We want to make it affordable.


Sridhar blinked again.

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Case felt a pain in his back.

Lynn cut himself on some broken glass.

She was a girl with golden hair.

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Once isn't enough.


Rabin couldn't find his left shoe.


I can't stand kids.

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We have something special for you, sir.

Uri is still the same guy.

Those cowards ran away soon.

We need Louiqa.

I don't think Hy will help us.

We dance well.

That is a dog.


I grew up near a river.

Marcos lived in this building.

I don't want to tell my boyfriend.

I am going to work during the spring vacation.

I banged my leg on the coffee table.

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I concentrated my attention on the lecture.

She pushed the door open.

He died in prison.

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I clicked the link, but nothing happened.

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In college, I fared ill with physics and well with chemistry.


In nature there are neither rewards nor punishments.

Someone saw it happen.

I spilled my wine.

Joon walked fast.

You should know by now that I don't really like you very much.

Alex thought Joyce was exaggerating.

Dory and I had the same dream.

Are you planning on staying long in Berlin?

Straka should've won last night.

Sanand is an old timer.

Don't climb on this!

The allies condemned the invasion as a violation of UN resolutions.

That car is really expensive.

I've been after Sean for three weeks.

Who gave this to them?


This wasn't planned.


Alejandro wondered what Boston would be like.

You should've brushed your teeth.

When I was a teenager I had lots of hair on my head and none on my chest. Now it's just the opposite.

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They're taking the freight out of the train car.

You should be careful what you wish for.

We're looking for survivors.

In my opinion, a movie is much more entertaining than a book.

I ate on the bus.

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I'm very happy to see you.


I met him here.

What he lacks is courage.

Have you ever seen anything like this before?


I have a dim memory of my grandmother.


I just had a talk with your teacher.


I don't ever want us to be apart.


If you don't get the punch line, I'm sorry.

My companions were all asleep.

You don't have much time left.


I hate using adapters.


What exactly do you know about Hartmann?

Work was tougher than usual today.

A colleague is coming to visit me.

Ann is smashed.

Give me one more.

It contracts with the cold.

A heath is often created or expanded by fire, which prevents the growth of trees.

I did not understand at all what he said.

Kelly is a choirboy.

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I have friends there who'll help me.


They don't have enough money to buy everything they need.

His life came to a close.

We've fixed on starting next Sunday.

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Thad pitched six innings.

Sundar didn't know how lucky he was.

Cecil lit a candle.


John took advantage of Bill's weakness.

He took back what he had said about her.

The flower needs watering. The leaves are already wilted.

Penny graduated third in his class.

Stanly's parachute didn't open.


Nobody's indispensable.

Let's see you do better.

Helen got off at the next stop.

Stan never did that.

I took a walk with my dog this morning.


Our yard is full of lilies in the spring.

Getting used to it will take a while.

I'd like us to be friends again.

Mariou got into bed.

I asked where she lived.

I'll tell you what.

We're going to be here all night.


Granville was staring up at the sky.


I want to know what you mean.

Believe it or not, this woman has three kids.

You're not needed.

I like the red dress more than the white.

I'm learning Burmese.

It is one of the biggest summer festivals.

"Is that Paula calling again?" "Yes. He calls every evening these days. I shouldn't have given him my number."

The manner in which he was apprehended shows that he was not much known, at that time.

If you keep practicing, you'll soon get the feel of it.


It'll take a little time to get used to wearing glasses.


Rodger never was pessimistic.