What's your favorite time waster?

We have to figure out what happened to Hurf.

May you defeat all our enemies.


You shall not have your own way in everything.

I should visit Boston.

In those days, he was still strong and energetic.

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The dream continues.


I have to get home before it gets dark.

What do you mean to say to me?

They crouched down beside List.

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No city in Europe is as populous as Tokyo.

Wendy is far from perfect.

Mark my words: I will become the greatest translator in the world!

I knew exactly what to look for.

Bryce was about to say thanks, but Ramon turned and left before he could.

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All the CPR efforts have failed.


That's the true genius of America: that America can change.

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Her pupils were as black and deep as an abyss.

Leila keeps enough money for a taxi fare home tucked in his sock when he goes out drinking.

We have had much rain this summer.

War is destruction of human life.

This vending machine was destroyed by hoodlums last night.

I'm not ashamed of my father being poor.

How long have you been living in Boston?

How rude of you!

He used to play poker with us.

Please don't say "I told you so."

The widowed mother had to go through a lot of hardships.

Moreover, I judge that Carthage must be annihilated.

Did anything out of the ordinary happen at school today?

I'll be in the library.

Emma pulled off his wig.

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So, what do we need to do?

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When was your last day off?


I should've told you no.

I feared that I might be late for the bus.

You need rest.

Sanjeev thought that Vice wasn't getting enough sleep.

How do I forget her?

I fell in love with the charming female engineer.

Did Tim drown?


Would you please tell me the story about bird watching?

The origin of the fire is unknown.

He lives in a very nice neighborhood.


I leave that to you.

This is most of it.

She can express her feelings when she feels happy or sad.


Who had injured him?


Each evening, a nightingale sang for us.

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I went there to talk to him.

Chet didn't do that intentionally.

Kathleen can swim further than Janet can.

Cathy looked at the clock.

How much money did you get for the diamond?

What do you intend to do about this?

"Literally" can literally mean "metaphorically". "Literal" meaning "metaphorical" is also a literal irony.

When Maarten started crying, I started crying, too.

Do you support or oppose this idea?

Ozan saw that Art had a hickie on her neck.

Are you in any pain?

That dress is awful.

Social networking sites are all the rage now.


Now turn around.

I was wondering if you could help.

I'll call back soon.

Kenji is always the first to come to school.

I understand it's going to get hot again.

It is easy to understand what he is trying to say.

I've heard so much about you.


The boy was admitted to the school.

He will arrive on June 24.

Alastair knows how to dive.

Even though I didn't want to drink alone, I did.

Custom, then, is the great guide of human life.

I live at 337 August Road.

Don't be so sure about that.

The dictionary is useful and, what is more, not expensive.

He was fined 10000 yen.


If you don't wear warm clothes in winter, it wouldn't be surprising if you caught a bad cold.

Why we did it in the first place is beyond my comprehension.

Can these knives be sharpened?

Cathryn is sure it'll happen.

I have a few questions. Would it be OK if I asked them?


What's Carsten going to find?

The Council Education Committee wants to close a school, but some people don't agree with the idea.

Tomas was furious that Kent was always late for their weekly meeting, and said he thought it was a sign of disrespect.

If you quit your job, you'll be burning your bridges.

Jacobson waited for everyone to sit down.

I have never gone to America.

How hungry are you?

I know I'll never forget it.

It's time to plan ahead.

There isn't time to do that.

Get me my food.

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Moral values are important in society.


Stan reached for his weapon.

Lorien wasn't sure if she was dreaming or if all this was a reality.

Then the witch placed her cauldron on the fire, to prepare the magic draught.


Chuck complained that he couldn't get that song out of his head.

The stamp came off.

An automobile ran over him.

You'll recognize them.

I think I'd better go with her.

Please try to stay calm.

She insulted her friend in anger.

Where did I put the keys?

We'll be there in a minute.


I must speak with you immediately.

"I'm afraid of having eye surgery." "It's no time to be saying that kind of thing. At this rate, you might lose your vision completely."

Peter is buying a tomcat.

It's getting late, so we'd better get going.

We're kind of in the middle of something here.

The barking dog kept Jinny awake most of the night.

That's not likely in so far as I can see.

New York is a big city.

I don't scratch their backs.


No one escaped.

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No baseball player had been as admired as he was.

You'd better go in person.

That would be lying.

What they say is true.

It is not without risk to swim in this lake.

I didn't want to be a freak.

I love my country too.

You should thank me.

Tim didn't think that it would take a long time to complete the project.


"See there are the white bees swarming," said Kay's old grandmother one day when it was snowing.

Why aren't you home yet?

Why do you want to go out with me?

Lana got off his horse.

There are many cultures on Earth.

Did you see the lunar eclipse yesterday?

Besides, it's starting to rain.

What are we having for dinner today?

Can you get Monday afternoon off?

He is what we call a musical genius.

Modern Greek borrowed many words from French.


Frederic took the only free seat left in the room.

I was certainly lucky.

A beaver may get crushed by a falling tree.

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Piracy isn't killing music.

We're going to do that.

Soohong can never go home again.


Mario and Christina bought a high-efficiency top-loading washer.

Anton is very ill.

The dog-eared pages made the book less valuable.

If you want quality, pay for it.

This will be one of the best memories of my life.

Fruits and vegetables are essential to a balanced diet.

I like to play the piano.

Let me look at you.

It's the first time I scream in presence of the manager. I saw a big cockroach on the table!

I found the problem was easy to fix.

The word order has to be changed.

Where should I transfer?

Do you have a better plan?

She makes me eat so much fruit.

You never told me you had a brother.


I'm really tired of this game.


I was told Michel ran away.


There are many wildflowers here.

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He eats neither meat nor fish.


I'm still trying to figure things out.

You are very fond of the lunch menu of this restaurant.

To the professor, she was a joy to teach.