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What's your skill? Social media promotion, videos, blogs, document translation, software bug hunting, code improvement, community management, security audits and more...pick what's right for you and get to work!

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What is an ICO bounty campaign?

A bounty program is a way of motivating the crypto community to do work promoting and improving your ICO project by letting them compete for your tokens. You assign tasks-- like making a certain number of Facebook posts or translating a document or discovering security issues in your code-- and then pay the successful hunters with tokens once the program is complete

How are tokens allocated?

You select the number of tokens you want to allocate to the token pool for each campaign type. Bounty hunters that complete a task are assigned a number of "stakes" in that campaign pool. At the conclusion of the bounty program, the tokens from the pool for each campaign type are distributed to the bounty hunters proportionally based on the number of stakes they have earned.

How do I know that the bounty hunters are doing a good job?

Some types of work-- Facebook, Twitter, Telegram and Reddit posts-- can be automatically verified by our system. All other work must be approved by the campaign manager. Our newsfeed-style layout and easy to use interface streamlines the process to make it as quick and easy as possible.

Who can be a bounty hunter?

Anyone can register to become a bounty hunter through our platform, they must just verify their email address and supply an Ethereum address. Certain tasks, however, will require that the candidate have a particular level of experience (such as Bitcointalk signature programs). All work is subject to review and approval by your campaign manager prior to stakes being awarded.

Why should I choose your platform?

The LMICO Bounty Platform is the easiest on the market. Automation and streamlining of the approval process saves you a ton of time. And our user-friendly interface draws great bounties programs which, in turn, brings in the most skilled and motivated bounty hunters, creating an ideal environment for both of them to be successful.

What if I have more questions?

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