small business

Small Business

Your small business is unique. At Direct Energy Business, we understand each business is different, and we tailor our energy plans to meet your custom needs. Browse our energy plans and sign up online.

large business

Large Enterprises

Your large business has a great deal of opportunity to buy and use energy in ways that maximize your opportunity to find value in the marketplace. Our natural gas and power solutions can help you do it.



In today’s competitive environment, you need a leader in the wholesale marketing of natural gas, power and services. We have the capabilities, assets and industry-leading experience to meet your needs.

"Direct Energy Business helps provide us with a strategy as to how we can buy electricity now, and in the future, in the most cost-effective manner. I think Direct Energy would be a great resource for anyone in the manufacturing industry."

- John Bass, Nucor Corporation


Real-Time Insights Create Efficiencies for the Anaheim Ducks

"Through our partnership with Direct Energy Business we're able to see where power is being consumed throughout the entire facility...In an era of ever increasing expenses Direct Energy Business came in and showed us how to actually decrease our expenses."


The best of both worlds

With Load Following Block & Index, you can lock in a portion or all of your usage at a fixed rate, while floating your unfixed load at index prices.

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Managing Energy Today

In the past five years, consumer electricity rates have increased by nearly eight percent even though wholesale power prices have declined. Read our free report to learn why.