A Mother & Son Real Estate Team

Justin & Juhee

Justin & Juhee is a real estate team formed through the strength of family, professionalism, and forward vision. The team is dedicated to raising the bar of what a client should expect in terms of service, expertise, and commitment. By combining experience & energy, technology & tradition, Justin & Juhee delivers above and beyond of what is expected to meet the highest standards.

Since 1989, Juhee has provided invaluable knowledge and insight into the local real estate market. With a reputation for being detail oriented and committed to delivering results, Juhee’s gentle nature combined with strong negotiating skills have resulted in hundreds of successful closed transactions.

Justin Kim grew up in real estate industry being Juhee’s eldest child. From an early age, he has been exposed to the inner workings of the industry and has been licensed since 2004. His previous professions in marketing, design, and photography bring a distinct approach to the sales process.

Justin & Juhee are also a part of The Fine Homes team in Fullerton. See www.finehomesfullerton.com for more information.

Why Choose Us?

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Our product and services are centered around your experience. Four stars is not good enough; our goal is to provide you with a 5 star customer experience

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The market and industry constantly change and we are always educating ourselves to keep our clients ahead of the curve. Get the benefits of cross cultural and generational experience and intelligence

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Our clients are the most important member on our team. We specialize in balancing our roles to support, protect, and lead when needed...all to achieve your goals.

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Technology is not a trend, it is a tool. We just don't use anything that's the "latest and greatest," we test and measure to find the right tool for the right job.

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We don't just sell homes. We produce solutions. After assessing your needs and goals, we come up with the best strategies to achieve them. Then we take action and get results.

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Our commitment to you begins before you even decide to work with us. Even after closing the sale, it never ends. Many others will disappear when something goes wrong, we will take care of it until the very end.




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For Sellers

Getting your homes sold requires finding the right buyer at the right price. Finding the right buyer requires preparing the home to appeal to the largest audience.

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