Authentic Transformation

In a complex, ever-changing global marketplace, businesses cannot afford to enter into a state of inertia – they must adapt to survive, let alone thrive. Failure to enact transformation in today’s market practically guarantees that a company will be left to eat the proverbial dust of its more innovative rivals: no longer does longevity equal prosperity. To make things even more complicated, the vast majority of change  initiatives – over seventy percent – fail.  In the face of such uncertainty, how can any organisation ensure that its attempts to change will succeed?


Igniting Engagement

A disengaged workforce means an unproductive business and a treasure chest of lost potential – a recipe for disaster. Countless companies have tried, and failed, to solve this problem. They have collectively funnelled billions and billions of dollars into ‘solutions’ that only ‘succeed’ in leaving them more out of pocket than when they started, and none the wiser when it comes actually changing anything. If you are stuck wondering how it has come to this in your company, read on.


Untapped Energy

The basic building block of all businesses is energy; specifically, the energy found in a company’s employees. Did you know that there are different types of energy? The vast majority of businesses don’t, and use only one kind of energy because of this: goal energy. The bad news is that relying solely on goal energy to motivate employees (through performance goals and other external incentives) only goes so far, and often leads to burnout and disengagement. The good news? There’s another, more sustainable kind of energy that we can help to unleash in your business.

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