The road to nowhere will definitely take you somewhere.

Some random shots makes you a learner.

When everything seems to be stand still and you are confused for the next step than dont think once and keep moving forward because the path  will definitely take you somewhere making you teach or giving you an experience.



                                Stay Beautiful In Winters.



1) Its always said, a glass of a hot water in morning makes your day refreshing and relaxing but this winter try drinking warm water with few of chia seeds soaked a night before. It will nourish your body from inside. As chia seeds are good in omega3(which promotes healthy skin) and is anti inflammatory and antioxidant rich.

2) Avoid washing your face with hot water(as it makes skin dry) instead use warm water with few drops of rose water in it. Normal tap water is recommended to be used as it makes skin more healthier and softer.

3) We often avoid, actually hate to wash our hair in winters which causes dandruff . Therefore, by recalling one of the tip which was given by my grandmaa was/is very effective to me and now,hope to you as well,  its here – before going to bed put some warm mustuard oil in your navel (belly button).This will reduce your dandruff and will make your lips soft also.  (231) 486-0104