I'm sorry that I can't meet you tonight.

Harmon helped the poor.

We never gave up.

Maybe Joyce will agree.

This old car is yours if you want it.

Norbert is annoying Sanjeev.

You should've told me yesterday.

I'll arrange a meeting.

I came here to see how you're doing.

I practiced with Brandon.

Her skirt has a slit on one side.

I think it would be good to talk once more with the boss.

She is a beautiful girl with blonde hair and blue eyes.

William Penn was not born a Quaker.

I can't shake off my cold.

She's demanding too much.

Have you taken shots of this place already?

The gentle murmur of the mountain stream helped Billy calm himself.

My office is significantly brighter than yours.

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What's your favorite pizza topping?

Millie is hungry.

The two strongest teams will clash with each other this weekend.

Konrad divorced his wife last month.

Try to be more creative.

I was at ease after all the exams were over.

Jean-Pierre seldom eats Italian food.

Do you know what color she likes?

Magdalena and Lech are preparing for their Polish exams.

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It wasn't reasonable.


She tried hard to imitate Mariah Carey but failed.


What will it profit Europe if it gains the whole world yet loses its soul? Europe is in danger of losing its soul.

Move out of my way.

Owing to the rain, the athletic meeting was put off.

I like candy, too.

Can you tell us where you're going?


Is your prepuce like a vagina?


What's your favorite animal?

They made love last night.

Dick had been dependent on his parents, but now he's independent of them.

We put up at an inn at the foot of the mountain.

To help ensure safe operation, regularly inspect the AC adaptor and AC power cord. If damaged, stop use immediately.


The label on the box doesn't match the contents.

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Mikey is quite spontaneous.

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His grandfather used to say to him: "Reid, you're good for nothing."


A friend of mine went to America this summer.


I'm trying to save room for dessert.

Fortunately, Kylie Minogue healed.

That's just my personal opinion.


Why would she go out of her way to help a deadbeat like you?

He is looking at the photo of his friend.

I get on very well with my brother.

She gave him a necktie which was completely to his taste.

Please stay in the car.

Sandra was spectacular.

Business has really slowed down.

Sumitro is a house painter.

You were my best friend.

Go and tell him.

Without water, we cannot exist.


I have one sister.

We're not officially dating.

I have no desire to do that.

I need to find a flat to rent in Barcelona.

I think ambition is good.

In the night, I once again had the same dream.

It has had no effect on him.

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She prayed that her children would forgive her.

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They had no rights.

Klaus pulled the cork out of the bottle.

He has clear blue eyes.


The girl Daryl was going out with left him.


Bryce doesn't like it when Kees takes her for granted.

What is on the chicken deluxe sandwich?

Where did you get on the train?

I can't deal with that problem right now.

How often do you see her?

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According to the newspaper, he will be here today.


I can make sure that doesn't happen.

Why in the world did you do that?

I don't know what to expect.

Joel is unsure.

Milo must be so scared.

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I am squeezing an orange.

There was a lot of snow.

Please fax me the application form.

You are a very patient teacher.

He is in poor health.

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Sunil has done a brilliant job.

You've frightened me.

We're stalled.

I'd like three sugar cubes in the milk.

During First Contact, the alien visitors would not show themselves physically.


Olivia doesn't appear very much.


Should I call you "thou" or "you"?

You seem to be busy now.

Let's shackle your feet with silver fetters.

Dan had many friends and no girlfriend.

A man called on you last night.

My companion said that she was too tired to walk, let alone run.

She said her name was Pierre.

You are blessed, oh Lord our God and God of our ancestors, God of Abraham, God of Isaac and God of Jacob, God of Sarah, God of Rebecca, God of Rachel and God of Leah.

The student left without saying anything.


The table was covered with dust.

How is she feeling today?

I don't know what they do.


You're very good at this.

It's urgent that I see you.

He was stressed, certainly, but sane.

I need a piece of wood about three inches thick.

Explain to me in detail how it happened.


I've got no answer to my letter.


The weather here has its own unique characteristics.

I don't have vodka.

He was meditating on his future life.

Marcel whispered into Marshall's ear.

Maybe you could draw me a picture.

I opened the envelope and pulled out a letter.

I like solving puzzles.

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I miss summer!

He had no chance to visit us.

I still can't believe you're engaged.

I think Saumya would like that.

He got up late and was late for school.

Double, please.

We wouldn't take such junk even as a gift.

I didn't want to let you down.

I could talk to them.

Father, today I'm going out with some friends. Of course, that's if you will allow it.

He doesn't want you to tell him about your sex life.


I'd rather die than surrender.

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Are you aware of anyone who would want to harm Douglas?

The magazine is aimed at teenagers.

This could be a mistake.

I'd like to take a note of your phone number if you don't mind.

Many problems resolve themselves.


She loves the boy like he's her own son.

David has so many friends that he can't remember all their names.

I have gained weight.

I am in receipt of your letter.

We have already learned English.


It began to appear that she was wrong.

Of course you'll catch a cold if you fall asleep under the kotatsu. You have to learn to take care of yourself.

I cannot help laughing at your folly.

He decided on that.

He had heard that war had started, but it didn't sink in for a long time until his father was drafted into the army.

She turned 16.

You don't need to point that out to me.

Have you told anyone about what Joshua did?

I wish I could stay and discuss this more, but I've got to go.

Hsi was embarrassed when he took his shirt off in front of Robbin for the first time, because he had his ex's name tatooed on his chest.

It's almost rush hour.

The boy wants to know the truth.

No matter how hard I try, I will never be able to catch up with him.


Have you got plans?


You're not going to catch him.


That isn't my concern.


It is said that several victims of the tsunami think that the devestation they saw was the kind that made you cover your eyes.

I think Sassan was supposed to be here.

Are you organized?

I'm not satisfied with the way you handled that.

Has Willie filed a complaint?

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He got ready for departure.