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No. 001

June 7th 2013

Q:Dose ATS sell landmower batteries?

A:We offer a wide range of landmower batteries, simply pop into your local ATS Euromaster service centre and we can find the best battery for you. Find your local service centre here: /

No. 002

May 17th 2013

Q:were is the nearest ats to hartlepool

A:Our nearest ATS Euromaster service centre to Hartlepool is the Redcar centre.

Please see below for the service centre address and contact details:

Limerick Road
TS10 5JU

Telephone: 01642 477100 / 01642 477163

Alternatively, can use our online store locator to find your nearest /, or simply dial 0800 60 10 60 for our centre locator service.

We hope this helps.

No. 003

April 23rd 2013

Q:what part is GEX304037?

A:Hi there and thank you for your query.

The part number GEX304037 refers to a rear exhaust box only for a Mazda 626.

No. 004

February 6th 2013

Q:Are there any restrictions on how far you can travel on a repaired tyre? I had a tyre repaired this morning at one of your branches - (great service!!) but need a bit of reassurance as I'm doing a 400 mile round trip this weekend. Many thanks.

A:Great news that you had good service at our Centre. All repairs carried out by our Centre are carried out to BS AU159F and as so retain there original capabilities and can be treated as a new tyre.

No. 005

February 6th 2013

Q:I have been told that batteries can explode, is it true?

A:When a battery is being charged, it gives off hydrogen. Hydrogen is highly volatile gas and, if ignited by a spark, or naked light, can cause the battery to explode. Avoid the risk and get ATS Euromaster to fit the battery for you, it's FREE!

No. 006

January 22nd 2013

Q:How long are batteries guaranteed for?

A:Most batteries are guaranteed for three years, some ‘high performance’ types for four. The guarantee covers failure caused by faulty workmanship or material. The guarantee does not cover damage caused by deep cycling, over charging or damage to the case. The ATS technician can advise you on the details.

No. 007

January 22nd 2013

Q:Can you store a battery off the car?

A:Yes, you can. The battery should be kept fully charged and stored in a cool dry place. There is an ‘old wives tail’ that you shouldn’t store a battery on a concrete floor as it drains the power- rubbish! The only risk of putting the battery on a concrete floor is that a protruding stone may puncture the plastic case and cause a leak.

No. 008

January 22nd 2013

Q:What is the liquid in the battery?

A:The liquid is dilute sulphuric acid (H2SO4). Great care should be taken to ensure that you protect your eyes when working with exposed acid. If you get acid in your eyes, wash with copious quantities of water and seek immediate medical help. Should you get it on your skin, or clothes, wash immediately with water.

No. 009

January 22nd 2013

Q:I’ve been told that as the car gets older you should think about getting a more powerful battery; is it true?

A:Yes, it is true. When the car was first made, the manufacturer decided on the correct battery by taking into account the car’s requirements. Now, years later, the car has had extra electrical consumers fitted and has begun to wear. The engine doesn’t fire so quickly, the charging system is less efficient and, almost certainly, the car is serviced less frequently than when it was brand new. In these circumstances, a bigger battery is more able to cope with the difficulties that age brings.

No. 010

January 22nd 2013

Q:I’ve got a car with a stop/start facility; do I need a special battery?

A:Almost certainly yes, particularly if you have regenerative braking. Our technician can advise you on the correct battery for your car. All our batteries are equal in power to those fitted when the car was first made. Many are higher power!

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